Guillaume Galante | Principal Product Designer (UI/UX)
Guillaume Galante - Product design with the unique goal of serving customers & businesses.
Guillaume Galante, graphiste, photographe, retoucheur, paris, freelance
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Bonjour! 🖐 I’m Guillaume*

I’m a Principal Product Designer
based in Berlin.

Currently working at Omio, powering journeys for millions of travellers.
I have 10+ years of experience making helpful products that empower people.
I’m passionate about personalisation, data science and system-thinking.

5 levels of product personalization

An intro to recommender systems.

A travel app that helps you explore new places

Omio helps you compare and book trains, buses, flights all across Europe. Providing you with all travel options in a seamless way.

How Jerusalem taught me the UX Principle of reciprocity

The reciprocity principle is a fundamental rule in social psychology. It’s simple, if someone makes you a favor, you’re likely to give something back.

A travel companion that helps you find the cheapest prices

This project is organised around providing pricing insights to our users to empower them to make informed decisions when purchasing tickets on our platform.

A practical guide to content-based recommender systems

From Youtube recommending what we should watch to Amazon proposing what book we should read, have you ever thought how these recommendations work behind the curtains?

Create UI animations
with Lottie

Bring delightful moment in your app with Lottie.

What Tokyo’s metro taught me about progressive disclosure.

My first-time commute in this mega city went really well. So I decided to study the question during my stay in Tokyo.

Six brainstorming methods to run a successful ideation workshop

At Omio, we run an ideation workshop at the very early stage of a new project, while we refine the problem space and business opportunity. It allows teams to open up all ideas and possibilities.

Build a dataset from scratch by web scraping in Python

How might you start a project without having the relevant data you need to pursue that project?

Let’s have a chat

When I’m not manipulating pixels or beziers, you can find me taking 📸 pictures & 📹 videos.
I’ve picked up 3D modeling and texturing during the pandemic, you can find some of my work on 📱 instagram.
Feel free to add me on 👔 LinkedIn or say hi on 🤖 dribbble. Or just send me an email 📧

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