Guillaume Galante | Snr. Product Designer (UI/UX) - Guillaume Galante
Guillaume Galante - Product design with the unique goal of serving customers & businesses.
Guillaume Galante, graphiste, photographe, retoucheur, paris, freelance
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Bonjour!🖐 I’m Guillaume*

I’m a human centered designer
based in Berlin.

Currently working at Omio, powering journeys for millions of travelers.
I design strategies, services and experiences with a passion for problem solving.
I’m passionate about personalisation, data science and system-thinking.

5 levels of product personalization: an intro to recommender systems.
What Tokyo’s metro taught me about progressive disclosure.
Creating UI animations with Lottie

How Jerusalem’s Old City taught me the UX Principle of Reciprocity
Daily UI Project

(2016 – 2017)

Let’s have a chat

When I’m not manipulating pixels or beziers, you can find me taking 📸 pictures & 📹 videos.
I’ve picked up 3D modeling and texturing during the pandemic, you can find some of my work on 📱 instagram.
Feel free to add me on 👔 LinkedIn or say hi on 🤖 dribbble. Or just send me an email 📧

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