Daily UI Challenge - Guillaume Galante
Guillaume Galante est un Designer Graphique, Retoucheur Numérique & Photographe vivant à Paris. Clients : Agence de Publicité, Agence de Design & Studio de Création.
Guillaume Galante, graphiste, photographe, retoucheur, paris, freelance
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  UI / UX Design 


Daily UI Challenge


I’ve had many doubts before starting the Daily UI challenge. Good design needs to address pain points of certain target users as well as backing up the business goals. This challenge doesn’t have real users and real world problem, so how do you know you’ve created something good? But this project is not about crafting the perfect interface, but simply having fun doing what you love. It allowed me to become a master in Sketch, learn worflows & share all these with the design community in order to collect feedback. Getting to experience different parts of a product & trying out new things outside your work environment. These are not case studies or real products, but they reflect what I love doing.


UI, UX, Prototyping, Interactions


Research – Color scheme – Design – repeat


Getting faster & having fun.