Lettering - Guillaume Galante
Guillaume Galante est un Designer Graphique, Retoucheur Numérique & Photographe vivant à Paris. Clients : Agence de Publicité, Agence de Design & Studio de Création.
Guillaume Galante, graphiste, photographe, retoucheur, paris, freelance
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Every day I draw at least one letter


It was on December 27th, a few days before starting a new year. I was reading this book called « Everyday I draw at least one letter » showcasing the typographic work of Hannes von Döhren. Great & inspiring book by the way. I decided to take a challenge for the new year: draw at least one letter everyday, the overall goal was about learning a new skill. What a journey! traveling threw all periods & techniques that typography has to offer.


Lettering, typography, composition


Research – copy – observe – make – repeat


Learn a new skill & spend less time on screens.



Pictures speaks better than words, I was really bad. I didn’t have much notions in typography, wasn’t clever drawing on paper. The beginning must have been the hardest moment to find motivation when everything you see is great & everything you do doesn’t look right. There was this sentence everywhere: « Practice makes perfect ». But honestly, for a few weeks, even by practicing it didn’t feel like I had any chance learning typography.



I started copying typefaces that I would found on different type foundries. I also watched videos & read many posts on lettering. The biggest change was when I learnt that upstrokes must be thin & downstroke thick. I was starting to see something in my letters, stil not perfect but it started to make sense what makes nice harmony. I must say, I started to clearly differenciate typefaces & see how they were drawn by their founders. I was later able to draw my own typefaces & compose them on paper.



The good part in lettering is that you’ll always have new techniques & tools to learn. I’m currently into brush lettering, & I must say that once you have the hand, it’s really fun writing all kind of words. I start to realise that what supposed to be a one year challenge will in fact never end. I would like later on to focus on blackletter/gothic script, because I appreciate these strong & solid letters. To be continued…