ZipJet - Guillaume Galante
Guillaume Galante est un Designer Graphique, Retoucheur Numérique & Photographe vivant à Paris. Clients : Agence de Publicité, Agence de Design & Studio de Création.
Guillaume Galante, graphiste, photographe, retoucheur, paris, freelance
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Zipjet – Mobile Dry Cleaner


When I started working for ZipJet, we were only a small crew of 15 people overall trying to get our service in front of our first customers. ZipJet is an on demand laundry & dry cleaning service, this was mostly translated by journalists into « The Uber for Laundry ». From a design perspective, I was hired has the only designer in the company & the facts were quite simple: everything needed to be build from scratch.


UI / UX , Branding, Print, Design Workflows


April 2015 – Today


Work on a high variety of subjects


The first year was really about producing what didn’t exist yet: building our responsive website, building the iOS & Android app, the driver app, making billboards, creating flyers, making a huge quantity of display banners, designing our cars/bags/clothes for our drivers, taking corporate pictures, designing our newsletter & transactional emails, social media posts, and last but not least, designing the presentations for our potential investors to get the money in. It was challenging & sometimes stressful, but seeing the orders growing & growing, the investors investing, the reward was worth it.


The second year was about iterating, A/B testing & trying out new things to improve our conversion rate. We started testing a all bunch of things on our website & apps, our findings taught me a lot about designing for conversion. The second year was also the year I worked on consistency by implementing the atomic design concept across the company. Both years were full of learnings on how to build & grow a product/service from design but also business perspective.

The Driver App


The driver app affects the core of our business, it’s what allow our drivers to process & deliver each orders on time. During a quarter of the year the company focused on Operations excellence, my way of helping operations was to create a smooth & easy to use app for our drivers. We designed the app from scratch in 3 weeks, here is how we did it:



Together with the product manager we spent 2 days in the car with our drivers trying to understand & solve the issues they were facing. One of our many discoveries was that our drivers were switching between 4 different apps constantly during the day, the process was extremely painful & time consuming for our drivers. I worked together with the operations department to define the perfect process our drivers should follow. We printed out a map with every driver interactions, where we marked down every time the driver had to interact with the app.


Based on our findings, we started wireframing every parts of the app. With a few changes & meetings with the CEO, we finally came with a nice flow for our drivers. I designed each screen with the idea that our driver should know what to do next. I went on big texts & big call to actions because our driver are using the app in most cases while driving or carrying bags. We have a light or dark theme the driver can switch depending of their preferences.



I started making the high fidelity prototype that I created with Invision to be able to test it quickly with our drivers. We asked a few drivers to come in our Berlin offices, showed them our high fidelity prototype & noted down all their valuable feedback. The feedback was really positive. I worked together with our android developper to make sure our app looks similar to our prototype. We also took time to work on smooth transitions with the material design guidelines. Since then, we iterated many times to polish the driver app.